Best Moving Boxes

Your Top Eight Guide: Selecting The Best Moving Boxes When you first glance at the title of this article, you may be inclined to pass it over. After all, who cares about selecting the best moving boxes? They're all the same, aren't they? The answer to the second question is that they are most certainly not all the same. As for the first question, the answer is that you should care. Moving is already a difficult and stressful process, so why wouldn't you do everything you can to make the experience more convenient? Selecting the right boxes for the right job can go a long way towards getting you in your new home with a minimum of fuss. So, let's dive right in with a step-by-step comparison of our top eight choices. 1. "Cheap Cheap" Moving Boxes-Best Value For The Money No, I didn't repeat myself. That is actually the name of the company. As the name implies, this company aims to provide the cheapest moving boxes on the market, concentrating on value above all. These boxes provide a good, cheap solution for those of us who aren't very picky and just want to get the job done. Despite their bargain-basement nature, these boxes come in a wide variety of styles including many sizes, wardrobe boxes, kitchen boxes, large-frame boxes, and all the tape and accessories. My favorite thing about this company is the fact that they will buy back any boxes that you don't use. The great thing about this is that you don't have to worry about making a perfect estimate of your needs. Simply get more than you think you will need, and sell back the extras. The recommended package is the "Mover's Value Pack," which comes with 30 boxes of the same size and all the tape and supplies required. There are a few issues with Cheap Cheap and their products. The main issue is that these boxes are not particularly sturdy. The cardboard is pretty thin and doesn't seem able to stand up to hard use. That being said, a little care will go a long way in preventing any damage. Another issue is that, since the company buys back used boxes, you may find yourself with boxes that have been written on or which have labels plastered all over them. Still, it's a good deal. Pros: Inexpensive Good variety Buy-back of all unused boxes Cons: Not very sturdy Boxes are often pre-used 2. Banker's Box Smoothmove Medium: The One You Never Have To Throw Away These might well be described as the "Rolls-Royce" of moving boxes. As you might expect, they cost a bit more than our first entry, but those who use them insist that they are worth every penny. These incredibly sturdy boxes are meant to re-used again and again and to last for years if stored properly. A double-layered base makes it very unlikely that the bottom will fall out on you, and the reinforced handles make it much easier to grab and carry without ripping the sides. Perhaps the most innovative feature of this box is the fold-over lid that locks into place with no need for tape. In fact, you don't need any tape at all to use these boxes. You just open them up, push down on the bottom to lock it in place, and use the folding piece on top to secure the lid. I really hate using tape, which makes these boxes a good choice in my book, provided you can afford enough of them. When evaluating these particular boxes, you should ask yourself: How likely am I to need these boxes again? If you do not plan to move again for a long time, you may not find these boxes to be worth the money. Also, these boxes are probably not worth using for a small or easy moving job. Their size is convenient at 18x18x16., making them suitable for general-purpose transport. Pros: Re-usable Very sturdy Reinforced Handles No tape needed Quick assembly Cons: Expensive Limited size 3. Banker's Box Smoothmove Wardrobe Boxes: The Sturdiest For Clothing Transport Banker's Box also makes a special kind of box for the transportation of clothing. I don't know about you, but I always find clothing to be one of the most irritating parts of any moving job. The clothes that you keep folded up in your dresser drawers are easy, of course. You just pull out the drawer, wrap it in plastic, and with a little tape, your clothes are secured and ready to go. However, hanging clothes are another story. You don't want to stuff them in the boxes because they will get wrinkled. You don't want to just lay them down in the back of a truck because they will probably get dirty. A wardrobe box such as the one offered by Banker's Box is a great solution to this conundrum. There are many hacks that seek to solve this problem, but most are more trouble than they're worth. Like the company's medium-size offering, these boxes are made with a rugged and sturdy construction that should allow for multiple uses. Like all their kind, they are equipped with a small hanging bar that affixes to the top of the box. The bar is about two feet long and can accommodate an impressive amount of clothing. Unlike the medium box, this one does require tape, and does not have the over-the-top folding and locking action. At roughly two feet wide and about four feet tall, these boxes are a specialized but effective tool. Pros: Uniquely suited for the job Solves a legitimate problem Very sturdy Long bar for good capacity Cons: Only good for one thing Expensive Requires tape 4. Banker's Box Classic Moving Kit Boxes: Simple And Effective This may well be the cheapest option from Banker's Box, which is good because some of us just can't afford these things! While Banker's Box is certainly the most high-quality option, I don't think I could afford some of their specialized products. Of course, I could afford one or two, but not enough to do an entire moving job. The classic moving kit from BB is a little better. These are just basic boxes with non-locking lids, but they still have the double-thick bottom panels that make them more durable than most. Each box is rated for at least 45 pounds, which isn't bad for their relatively small size. The lids do not lock in place and are set on top, but most jobs do not require any tape. The boxes use a tab-and-groove setup to lock securely in place, but you might want to tape the lids down if the boxes are subjected to any wind. The last thing you want is for your lid to fly off in mid-transport, as this will likely cause you to lose some of your possessions. Unless you are just trying to make an offering to the god of wind or something, I recommend a little piece of tape on all four sides. Pros: Very sturdy and strong Re-usable Less Expensive Nice and simple Cons: Still more expensive than most Lids do not attach Size and shape are somewhat limiting 5. Uboxes- Large Version: Just The Basics There is nothing fancy about the large boxes offered by Uboxes. They don't have any bells, whistles, or special features, but they get the job done at a reasonable price. The boxes are smooth, plain, and measure 20x20x15. The best thing about these boxes is that I find them to be a perfect size. They can accommodate most items with ease, while not being too large. A box that is too large becomes wasted space because you cannot fill it up all the way. Once you do, it becomes too heavy for most people to lift, and might even become too heavy for the box to hold itself together. Speaking of durability, some have reported durability issues with this type of box. Apparently, the boxes are held together by a seam in one corner. Some say that this seam is easy to break if any significant pressure is applied to the top of the box. Just to be on the safe side, I would avoid sitting on this one even if it's full. The box has no handles, which I don't like, though I must say that the cardboard is nice and thick, which I do like. All in all, this isn't a bad option, but you can probably do better. The company does have a good reputation, as evidenced by their A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Pros: Nice and simple Good size relatively cheap Good reputation Cons: Weak construction No handles Lots of tape required 6. Uboxes Smart Moving Kit: Meant For Superior Organization Here's another offering from Uboxes, and this one is a little more elaborate. The first (and most obvious) question about this product is: What makes it "smart?" This question intrigued me, as I was expecting the boxes to be equipped with some kind of advanced technology like a load sensor or a jostle alarm or maybe even some kind of alien teleportation device...but no! This kit is referred to as a "smart" kit simply because it comes with several rolls of pre-made labels. These labels are color-coded and refer to common household locations like "living room" or "kitchen." Other than that, I see no particular difference between this kit and the boxes covered above (see #5). The kit also comes with a roll of tape, but this tape is of substandard quality and does not stick very well. The kit includes eleven medium boxes and three large ones. The medium boxes are 18x14x12 while the large ones are 20x20x15. I would have preferred it the other way around, as I find large boxes to be more useful, but your preferences may vary. The medium boxes are actually more like a small box, at least in my judgment. Still, these would make some of the best shipping boxes. The boxes themselves are nice and sturdy. I find that they can take a good knock against the wall and retain their shape admirably. In the durability department, I cannot complain. However, I think that this kit is not "smart" enough for me! Pros: Durable and strong Pre-made labels for each room Tape dispenser works well Complete set at a reasonable price Cons: Labels are too generic Sizes are a little inconvenient Kit contains too many medium boxes and not enough large boxes Included tape is very weak 7. Bankers Box Smoothmove TV/Picture/Mirror Moving Box: A Versatile Treat If you can't tell, Banker's Box is usually considered to be the top of the line. This reputation is well-earned, as we can see with some of the other products on our list. However, the Smoothmove adjustable TV box really sits in a class of its own. The remarkable thing about this box is that it is adjustable. It can be put together in several different ways, but the exact proportions can be adjusted to fit various sizes up to 40x4x60. As you can tell, this product is specifically designed for large flat objects like mirrors and flat-screen TV's. The adjustable aspect of this product makes it very convenient because it allows you to avoid keeping specialized boxes for flat, wide objects. For years, I have been in the habit of saving boxes from any TV that I buy because it can be so hard to find another box of the exact size that is required. With these adjustable boxes, I no longer have to worry about that. These are more expensive, which explains why these boxes are not used that often. However, a box like this is used for specialized and expensive items that are difficult to replace, which makes the extra expense worth it for some items. For instance, if you need a more expensive box to protect a $500 TV or an antique mirror that is worth thousands, the box is obviously worth its cost. Pros: Adjusts to fit most TV's and mirrors Replaces the need to save factory boxes Meets a legitimate need Cons: Expensive Only good for certain items 8. Uboxes Kitchen Moving Boxes: Specialized and Sturdy Here, we have another specialized style for a specialized purpose. These kitchen boxes from Uboxes are 16x16x12 in size and are uniquely designed for kitchen goods. Since the kitchen will normally contain a lot of breakables, it is of the utmost importance to pack your dishes and other kitchen goods differently. One of the irritating things about moving glass objects is the fact that they can break each other very quickly with very little impact. This comes from the fact that glass is very hard despite its brittle nature. The usual solution to the dish problem is to wrap everything up with paper. I have done this for years: You have to wrap every single glass or ceramic item with a thick layer of paper which is then held together with tape or rubber bands. While this method does work, it is much easier to spend some extra money and get the right box for the job. The kit offered by Uboxes is ideal for this purpose, as it comes with four reinforced boxes, four separation inserts to keep your fragile items apart, and a good supply of packing paper and tape. When used correctly, this should be all you need. Pros: Does a good job of protecting glassware Easy-to use inserts for separation Comes as a complete kit Cons: Glass items must still be wrapped Slightly more expensive Not tall enough for all kitchen items What Box Should I Use? In any situation, you will need to select the right box for the right job. The last thing you want to do is to just throw your belongings into whatever box happens to be close at hand. Instead, you need to think carefully about how you use each box. Obviously, this is an easy task for specialized boxes like the wardrobe box or the kitchen box. For other items, you will mostly need to consider size and weight. Most of it can be boiled down to a simple rule: The heavier the item, the smaller its box. This rule exists for multiple reasons. The first reason is the fact that an overloaded box is much more likely to break. Putting multiple heavy items in one box is a recipe for disaster. Loading a large box with heavy items is also problematic because it will be much harder to lift. Large, light items (like blankets" should be stuffed into your largest boxes while smaller, heavier items should go in the little boxes. Items that are both large and heavy should probably not be boxed. If they are, they should be boxed alone and clearly marked. A box of 1.5 cubic feet is suitable for heavy things like books, canned goods, and tools. A 3-foot box is more suitable for things like kitchen appliances, smaller tools, pots and pans, and medium-sized electronics. Once you get up to a size of 4.5 cubic feet or larger, you must transition to lighter items such as clothing, linens, pillows, plastic goods, and children's toys. Your reward for all this extra trouble will be obvious when you don't wake up the next morning with a pain in your back!